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WordPress Training

Learn how to build a blog, a portfolio website, a product landing page, or any other kind of website.

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If you are located near Dublin or Wicklow, in person training classes are available. If you are located further away we can use screen sharing software and voice chat for the lessons.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source content management system. That may sound complicated already, but it's actually quite simple. If you have a website, you'll want to be able to change details and add content without having to dive into the code. WordPress makes it easier to manage a website, and makes it publish on the web. It is free to use, modify and commericialise.

Originally WordPress was designed as blogging platform, but thanks to a huge community of users and developers, it has grown into a fullly featured web publishing platform. You can build nearly nearly any kind of website, from shops to magazines to porfolios.

WordPress puts you in control.

WordPress is easy to set up, manage and update. It is easy to add functionality to the site as your business develops, without having to hire a web developer. Running a website on your own domain name gives your brand a home on the internet, one that you control, rather than a page inside another site, like Facebook.

WordPress has become an immensely important tool for businesses across the globe, as it makes it much easier for non-technology companies to publish on the internet.

Once you learn WordPress, you’ll be able to create website after website, easily. With WordPress, you can build sites for side projects, events, consulting services etc. As many as you can. Many businesses have room for improvement in their digital strategy, and WordPress is a marketing weapon of choice for some of the biggest brands in the world. Sony Music, Beyonce and Reuters all run WordPress.

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In-person lessons available in Dublin & Wicklow Ireland, and online traning sessions are available around the world at a time that suits you.

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Example Topics

Buying your domain name

There are loads of domain registrars out there. We’ll show you our favourite registrars, how to get the cheapest price, and where you can pick up a .ie domain.

We’ll walk through adding the domain to your website, creating sub-domains and adding multiple domains to the same site.

Choosing a web host

Choosing a web host

We’ll show you a couple of hosting options at different price points, with the more expensive packages offering improved performance, and more control.

One of the most popular web hosts is Bluehost, we’ve built many sites on Bluehost, and their One Click Install feature makes it fantasically easy to get a WordPress site up and running in just a few minutes.

Content Marketing

Once you’ve built the frame of your website, what would you like to put on it? We’ll walk you through figuring out what the most effective content would be for your website, how to put it together and how to get it looking great.

Content marketing is a mixture of science and art. Writing great content takes some work, but it gives your users a reason to stay on your site. It will encourage them to get involved with what you’re doing, and your site will rank nice and high in Google.

We’ll cover content marketing strategies, types of content, and we’ll show you examples of great content and the success it generated.

Organising your Posts

There are plenty of ways to organise your posts with categories and tags. We’ll talk about why you might want to do that and how it works.

When to use pages or posts

Pages and posts, although very similar, behave slightly differently. We’ll explain when you might want to use posts and when it’s a page you’re looking for.

Inserting Images, Audio & Video

WordPress makes it very easy to add media to your content. You can put videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Vine straight into your posts, add images from Flickr or add an audio recording from your computer. WordPress keeps all the files that you upload easily accessible in the Media Library, where you can edit the files and add extra information. WordPress and a laptop are an amazing broadcasting combination.

Moderating Comments

If you like, you can let people leave comments on your posts, so they can ask questions and tell you what they’re thinking. You can choose to approve or disapprove each comment as they come in, so you’re always in control of what’s written on your website.

Dealing with Spam

There are some bad guys ut there who have written computer programs that search the internet for WordPress sites, and once the program finds a website, it starts posting all sorts of nonsense comments, including links to nasty websites. We’ll teach you how to recognise this spam and show you how to deal with it. Once you’ve got an anti-spam system set up you won’t have to deal with it ever again.

Installing and Customising Themes

WordPress is like Mystique from X-Men. It can look whatever way it wants. You can change your entire site layout and color scheme by installing one of the the many many free and commercial themes avaiable. Many of these themes have been put together by excellent designers and can look quite professional. Looking truly professional might take a bit more work in order to properly fit the design to your brand, but installing a theme is all thats needed for plenty of simple websites.

We’ll help you find which wordpress theme you should use.


Maybe you’d like to get a larger team working on your website. Once again WordPress makes it easy. You can create as many user accounts as you need for contributing authors or editors. We’ll show you how to create these accounts, and how to make sure your users can’t do anything to the website they’re not supposed to.

WordPress Plugins

So there’s 40,000+ plugins. Which ones do you need? We’ll look at some of the most popular plugins, from performance enhancing cache systems to social media integrations. There are also loads of SEO plugins. While they’re an easy way to add functionality to your site, plugins can cause a bit of trouble if you’re not careful. They can slow down WordPress and introduce some insecurities. We’ll show you what our favourite plugin setup looks like and explain how we got there.

WordPress SEO Tips

Google uses over 300 metrics in order to rank each website, so climbing the search results ladder can take a lot of fiddling, but the increased traffic that comes from the number 1 spot generally makes it worth all the hard work.

Backlinks and SEO

A backlink is a link on somebody elses website, pointing at your website. These links are important because they are what Google used to use in order to rank websites. The idea was, the more websites linked to Website A in their content, the more important Website A must be.

Nowadays things are a lot more complicated. “Black Hat” SEO guys were gaming the old system, generating thousands of fake backlinks in order to trick Google. Google had to learn new ways to rank its search results, adding tons of new measurements like user behaviour, content analysis and page speed metrics in order to better sort the wheat from the chaff on a sprawling internet.

We’ll dive into SEO in more detail if you’re interested, looking at a wide array of strategies to increase traffic.

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Learning Metrics

It’s pretty helpful to learn about what content on your site is the most popular with your visitors, and who your visitors are. Metrics can be helpful guides to building a great website. We’ll teach you how to add Google Analytics to your site in order to unlock a wealth of information, like:

WordPress with a shopping cart

If you’d like to sell a product on your site, and have your website take payments, WordPress can save the day yet again. For those who are interested, we tour WooCommerce, an excellent free package that converts WordPress sites into fully functional web stores, complete with product listings, reviews, paypal integration and more.


If you’ve put a lot of time into a website, it makes sense to set up a backup system in case something happens to the site. We’ll show you some great set and forget backup tools that will keep your work safe.

WordPress Security

Even better than restoring from a backup, you can ensure nothing happens to your site in the first place by keeping your site up to date at all times.

Whenever a vunerability in WordPress is discovered by the WordPress development team, they will fix the problem, harden WordPress and send out an update notification to all the WordPress sites around the world. If you hit that “Update Now” button nice and often, your site will hopefully always be one step ahead of any attackers. We’ll talk about making updates automatic, plugin updates and theme updates, and well as installing security plugins.

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It’s a lot of fun to run a website, and WordPress makes it easier than ever. Get in touch today and we’ll have a chat about what you’d like to learn how to do. If you’re just starting your first website, we can start at the beginning, or if you’ve been running a website for a while and would like to take it to the next level, we can start with more advanced topics.

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