Looking to shake things up on your website? Perhaps you could try a new WordPress theme. We’ve collected the biggest WordPress theme stores on the internet, with huge collections so you can find the perfect match for your website and business.  

What is a theme anyway?

A theme is simply a bunch of files in a package, with styling rules and colors and settings that change how your website looks. Changing your theme doesn’t change the content you have written on your website, like your blog posts and pages, but it does change how they look. Your fonts, colors and page layouts will change. It’s a rapid makeover.

Do I need to pay for it?

Well, that depends on your budget. You can get a free theme, or pay for a premium theme. The premium themes come with extra features, after purchase support etc. The premium themes are designed to a high standard as a popular design is worth a lot of money to the developer. That isn’t to say that all free themes are ugly, not at all, there are some gems out there.

Where can I find free WordPress themes?

There’s only one stop:

The WordPress.org Theme Directory

The king of free marketplaces. This is where WordPress gets it’s themes when you click on Add Theme in the dashboard. There are over 2000 themes in here, all free. What a bonanza.

Where to find premium themes?


Themeforest sells excellent WordPress, and it has a massive collection. You can also buy HTML, Joomla and Drupal themes. It is a part of the Envato Network, which consists of some other useful sites, such as Graphic River, and Audio Hive. On Themeforest, all the themes are reviewed by Themeforest staff to make sure they work and are easy to use. The prices are also competitive. You can easily find very well designed themes at bargain prices.

Items are priced based on the complexity, quality and use of the file.

The top selling theme on Themeforest is Avada.

Mojo Themes

Mojo Themes is brought to you by Mojoness Inc, straight out of Salt Lake City, Utah. With over 1200 themes, there is certainly a lot of themes available at Mojo Themes, but not as many as Themeforest, which boasts over 6000. However Mojo themes have a an interesting pirate dinosaur in their logo so there’s that. They say they have 132,600+ users and 348,000+ downloaded items.

The number 1 selling theme on Mojo Themes is High End

Creative Market

Creative Market sells WordPress themes and all sorts of other design goodies. You can pick up some stock photography to use on Facebook, pick up a new font to better express your brand.

Theme Foundry

Established in 2008 and an official wordpress.com partner. Drew Strojny (@drewstrojny) didn’t realise he was building a full-time WordPress job for himself when he started.

WordPress Eden

WordPress Eden is a “marketplace for awesome WordPress themes & plugins”.

Theme Snap

Another contender in the somewhat crowded WordPress theme marketplace space. Authors earn up to 75% commissions on Theme Snap.


An online marketplace for more than just WordPress themes. Pays out 70% commissions to theme authors.

Template Monster

Can’t forget about Template Monster with that name.

Finding out what theme another site is using

Loads of websites run on WordPress, and while some are custom built themes, like we build here at Focalise, many others are straight from Themeforest or some other marketplace. If you’d like to spy on what theme a site is using, you can use whatwpthemeisthat.com