Focalise Hosting

Performant web hosting for reliable websites.

Managed Servers

Concentrate on growing your business while we ensure your website loads quickly and securely.

We ensure your website server is up to date and performing correctly so you can concentrate on your business rather than dealing with server configuration.

Uptime Monitored

Your website is automatically checked 240 times a day to ensure that it is running correctly and ready to respond to your visitors.

Content Distribution Network

When visitors are located far away from the server that a website runs on, the website may be slow to load.

Focalise Hosting uses a content distribution network to speed up your website.

It works by automatically generating copies of your website and hosting them on servers distributed around the globe, so your website loads quickly all around the world.

Ready to grow.

A big spike in visitor traffic can overwhelm your website and knock it offline if your server isn't powerful enough to process all the requests. We offer a web hosting package that can be scaled up quickly to deal with increased demand.

Affordable Pricing

Packages start at €15 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

What is managed web hosting?

Managed web hosting is when the web host takes care of the operation of the server so you don’t have to.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of server configuration, managed web hosting may be for you.

What is a server?

Website hosting is all about where your website lives.

We can’t put the website on your laptop because that’s off sometimes and doesn’t always have a great internet connection.

So we need another computer to "serve" your website to visitors. We call this computer the server. It stays awake and on the internet all the time, ready to send your website to anyone who asks for it.