Social Media Training

When it comes to business on social media, it can be hard to tell apart what is productive and what is simply wasting time.

Social Media Marketing

The social networks provide a way for businesses of all kinds to connect with their customers, and you no longer need a huge marketing budget to make a splash. The smartphone in your pocket can immensely powerful as a marketing tool.

There are lots of bored people on social media, and many are ready to explore something that catches their eye. If you are skilled at producing content that stands out, you can drive a lot of attention to your business.

from beginner to advanced

There is a lot out there in the social media world, so our lessons are fully customisable to make sure you get the information you’re most interested in. Focus on one social network, or build a plan that includes many more.

You can choose as many or as few of these as you like, and of course you can also set your own topics to best suit your situation.

A few example Topics

  • How to use social media to promote business.
  • How to design an effective social media strategy.
  • How to choosing your main networks and channels.
  • How to figure out a long-term vision.
  • How to increase your audience.
  • How to build excitement for product launches.
  • How to promote events over social media.
  • How to use advertising to reach more people.
  • How to monitor social media.
  • All about content marketing.
  • How to do content planning.

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If you’d like to boost your business with social media, and you’d like to learn how to run things yourself, then might enjoy our simple training sessions. Get in touch today

Quick Starts

If you’re just getting started with social media, then we can quickly get you up to speed on whichever networks you’re interested in. Step by step instructions to get you building your following online.

Such as:


case study: Facebook

Facebook is king of social media at the moment, with over a billion active users. Many people will use only Facebook for their entire internet session. A few topics that we can go over in your training session are:

  • Creating business pages.
  • Facebook Page vs Facebook Profile
  • How to promote your Facebook Page.
  • Adding photos to your page.
  • Using Facebook as your brand.
  • How to schedule posts.
  • How to create an offers.
  • Page Messaging
  • How to make “call-to-action” buttons.
  • How to deal with nasty comments.
  • All about reviews.
  • How to add your business information.
  • How to use Facebook Analytics & Insights.
  • Learn how Facebook Sorts Posts (“EdgeRank” aka “The Facebook Algorithm”)

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