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You need to get ahead of your competitors in the search results, and we can help you do it.

You’ve worked hard to build your business, and you’ve invested time and money into developing a website, and building a social media following…

So why aren’t you showing up in the search results?

It’s a common frustration for business owners that their websites are buried a few pages down in the search results, while more established competitors are hogging the top spot and capturing the majority of searchers.

The Search Results

What does “click-through rate” mean ?

Of those 100 people who searched for, say,
bicycle shops in Dublin how many of those 100 people will click the first link in the search results, versus the second and third link?

We call this the Click-Through Rate or CTR.

As you can see below, the top ranking websites capture more traffic than the rest of the sites combined:

A graph showing the average click through rate for websites in different ranking positions in the search results.


This is why it’s so important to climb the search rankings, and why so many businesses invest in search engine optimisation. A higher click through rate means more traffic to your website, and hopefully more sales.

How search engine rankings work

If there was a simple trick to getting to the number 1 spot, the word would quickly get out, and any scam artist could get his website to rank number 1.

In the early days of Google and search engines, there were some tricks that saavy web designers could use to boost their websites into higher rankings.

Back then, Google would sort the results based how many backlinks a website had pointing to it. The idea came from the world of scientific papers. When an important scientific discovery was made, it would kick off a wave of new studies and publications and these publications would all list the original discovery as a citation.

By counting how many times a paper has been cited, you can gauge how influential that particular paper has been, according to the community.

Larry Page and Sergei Brin of Google applied this concept to the challenge of ranking websites, and developed algorithm PageRank.

But word got out about PageRank, and web developers around the world realised they could game the system to climb the rankings.

Those in the know would build hundreds of fake websites and fill them with links to their main website, and all those links would convince the search engines to rank the main site well.

This trickery began to degrade the quality of Google’s search results.

Spammy websites were ranking much better than they should have been.

To fight an epidemic of nonsense in their search results, Google introduced more hoops for websites to jump through before they rank well.

These hoops are often called Ranking Factors.

There may be as many as 500, or even more.

Precisely what these factors are is a matter of some debate, since Google don’t want to give away their secret sauce. If they did, their search results would be filled with nonsense again in no time.

You might be thinking, does that mean that search engine optimisation is impossible?

The good news is: it’s still possible to improve your search rankings, but its no longer as simple as posting links to your website all over the internet.

To put it as simply as possible:

If Google thinks your website is high quality and worthy of visiting, then you will out rank lower quality websites.

It’s simple if you know how.

how we can help your business

We can help you improve the quality of your website, and boost your rankings.

We have a range of monthly packages available to suit every business.

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