An ever growing list of useful apps and services.

There are so many great resources on the internet it can be hard to know where to begin. This page is an ever growing list of resources and tools that we’ve found useful.

Most of them are free, or at least have a free tier.

Productivity Tools

  • Noise Timer: Pomodoro timer with a noise shield. Made here at Focalise, built with React.js
  • Trello (Can be used for project management, event planning and lots of other things.
  • Alfred : A must have mac app, installed on all our Macs and gets used all day every day.
  • Wunderlist : The current king of to-do lists.
  • Slack : An amazingly useful team communication tool.
  • Airtable : A step up from excel spreadsheets, and an excellent organisational tool.
  • Crontabs : automatically open a tab in Chrome at a set time every day. Play your favourite song every day at 5:59pm using YouTube for example.
  • Manic Time : A time tracker for Windows with lots of features to help you stay on top of what you’re spending your time on during your work day.
  • : Free pomodoro timer and tracker.




Write in Markdown and export HTML. Available for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Official Website:

Sublime Text

A revolution in text editors.

Official Website:

Visual Studio Code

The hottest text editor in town, takes the best of Sublime Text and adds even more. Our current favorite editor here at Focalise.

Official Website:



Play every type of video file you can think of.

Official Website:

  • Disk Inventory X : Figure out whats taking up so much space on your Mac’s hard drive.
  • Gemini : a great tool to find duplicate files, which is often useful when you are trying to free up some disk space. Affiliate link  
  • Notational Velocity
    • NVAlt (Taking Notational Velocity even further)
  • Arbitrage Monitor : Real-time updates on cryptocurrency arbitrage opportunities.


  • Objective See (a collection of great security apps for OSX. Hunt down malware and ensure nobody is spying on you via your webcam)
  • uBlock OriginChrome add-on, also available for Firefox – A lightweight ad blocker, highly recommended to make the web a safer and more beautiful place.
  • Privacy BadgerBrowser add-on – Stops advertisers and other third-party trackers from secretly tracking where you go and what pages you look at on the web.

Search Engine Optimisation Tools

  • SemRush (position tracking, and develop content and advertising strategies)
  • Google Webmaster Tools (keywords, search performance and plenty more)
  • (Scrapes Google’s Autocomplete service and finds a ton of keywords)
  • SEOQuake (Everything you might want to know about a competitors SEO stats.)


Email Marketing

  • Mailchimp Send bulk emails to your customers, set up email drip campaigns and much more.
  • EmailOctopus : Bulk email at a lower price point than Mailchimp.

Design Tools

  • Brand Colors (Collection of colour schemes of major brands)
  • Modularscale (A handy tool to find font sizes that work together well)
  • Flat UI Colors (Nice collection of colours and their HEX codes)

Domains Registrars and tools

  • Namecheap (Straightforward domain registrar)
  • (Search for available domains by adding adjectives to the start of your keyword)

Free Stock Photos

Webmaster Tools

Online Learning




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