An ever growing list of useful apps and services.

There are so many business tools on the internet it can be hard to know where to begin. We’ve put together this list of useful resources and tools.

Most of them are free, or at least have a free tier.

These are not affiliate links, I don’t get paid if you start paying for any of these tools.

They are not listed in any particular order.

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UI Design Resources

Hero Patterns – A nice collection of SVG background patterns.

Miscellaneous Apps and Tools

  • Trello (Can be used for project management, event planning and lots of other things.
  • Alfred : A must have mac app, installed on all our Macs and gets used all day every day.
  • Wunderlist : The current king of to-do lists.
  • Slack : An amazingly useful team communication tool.
  • Airtable : A step up from excel spreadsheets, and an excellent organisational tool.
  • Crontabs : automatically open a tab in Chrome at a set time every day. Play your favourite song every day at 5:59pm using YouTube for example.
  • Manic Time : A time tracker for Windows with lots of features to help you stay on top of what you’re spending your time on during your work day.
  • : Free pomodoro timer and tracker.
  • Byword : Write in Markdown and export HTML. Available for Mac, iPhone and iPad.
  • Gemini : a great tool to find duplicate files, which is often useful when you are trying to free up some disk space.  
  • Notational Velocity
    • NVAlt (Taking Notational Velocity even further)
  • WinDirStat : Running out of disk space? This is the app for you if you’re on Windows. It gives you a visual representation what files and folders are taking up all your precious disk space. The only problem with this app is that the name is nearly impossible to remember and you won’t be able to find it.
    • If you’re on a Mac, have a look at Disk Inventory X. WinDirStat is a better program over all, it must be said.

Search Engine Optimisation Tools

  • Google Webmaster Tools (keywords, search performance and plenty more)
  • This thing scrapes Google’s autocomplete service and finds a ton of keywords.
  • SEOQuake Sometimes its fun to have at look at your competitor’s SEO stats.

Free Stock Photos

Webmaster Tools

Online Learning


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