Pet Photography

What’s a family portrait without your beloved family pet?

We cater to every pet, be it dog, cat, horse, lizard, turtle or bird!

Everyone who owns a pet can know the strong bond that forms between you and we can capture this bond with a stunning portrait of you and your pet that will last forever.

Photo-shoots will take place in the comfort of your own home or in your local park. (Depending on your pet)

This will ensure your pet is at their most comfortable and happy. A stress free pet gives much better portraits than a frightened one and we only bring a happy and positive attitude to our shoots.


  • 3 high quality digital images
  • Plain colour backdrop / on location natural setting
  • Live selection of desired images
  • Print release


Large animal shoots (Horse, cow, donkey etc.) start at €199 and will be shot at the animals stable/pasture or on location per your request.

Additional images may be purchased for €35 per image

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