Colourising old photos of Ireland

As a child, I remember wondering if back in the old days, life itself was black and white. Every old picture was black and white. It seemed to make sense. I had a hard time imagining the colours. Did God switch on colour mode recently?

Luckily for us all, the computers have learned a new trick recently. They can examine a black and white photo and guess what the colours might have been.

I have colourized some old photos of Ireland for your enjoyment. If you would like a particular photo colourised, send it to me at

If you would like, I can also add it to the gallery of colourised photos below. Of course, you can keep it private too.

Colour can add a wonderful new depth to an old photo.

1914, Lifeboat men
Dunmanway, Co.Cork. 1911-1914
1890, Glencar Tea House
Killarney House, Co. Kerry, Circa 1877-1914 
Royal Engineers, Signalling Corps, 27 March 1915
Bray, Co. Wicklow 1900 – 1920
 Kilkeel, Co. Down 1890
Trinity College, Dublin, Late 19th Century
Trinity College, Dublin, Late 19th Century, Colorized.
Moore Street, Dublin, March 1946
Moore Street, Dublin, March 1946
Easter Rising 1916, O Connell’s Bridge Dublin
City Hall, Cork
Belfast, Royal Avenue, 1890, Colourized
Easter Rising, Dublin 1916

Cork 1902

Molls Gap, County Kerry, 1910

If you would like me to colourise a photo for you, send it to me with the form below and I will colourise it as soon as I can. I might be slow at times but I will do my best to get every photo colourised.

Generally, the higher the quality of the image you send, the better the results will be. Scans are the best, but photos of photos can work too, as long as they are nicely in focus.

If you find this page interesting, please share it with your friends. Perhaps they have some more great old black and white photos to colourize.