Landing Page Design

Stop Wasting Time On Landing Pages That Don't Convert

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page with a single focused objective. Whereas the home page of your website might have lots of links to other pages on your site such as your blog or your about page, a landing page design will often aim to minimise these distractions and leave the user with one clear next action. When a user completes the task that the landing page was designed for, we call that a conversion.

Uses for landing pages:

  • Webinar registration.
  • Booking consultations.
  • Contest entry.
  • Free trial signups.
  • Collect email addresses for a future product launch.

Great landing page designs minimise distrations

If you are launching a new app, your landing page might be centered around a download button, or if you are growing your newsletter, the page might be designed to get convince to enter their email. By minimising distractions for the user, a good landing page design can boost conversions, and is ideal for matching up with AdWords campaigns.

Why choose Focalise?

If you want a clear, consise landing page put together and you don't want to worry about the design and the hosting and the domain names, simply let us know what you need from the landing page and we'll do everything else. We offer complete web design services and not only landing page design.

No hosting hassles

You don't need to worry about configuring your website hosting, we can handle that for you. .com domain registration is also included.

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