Landing Page Design

Stop Wasting Time On Landing Pages That Don't Convert

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page with a single, focused objective.

Whereas the home page of your website might have lots of links to other pages on your site such as your blog or your about page, a landing page design will often aim to minimise these distractions and leave the user with one clear next action.

When a user completes the task that the landing page was designed for, we call that a conversion.

Landing pages are sometimes called "lead capture pages", "destination pages" or, simply, "landers". You might find yourself on a landing page if you were to click on a Google Ad, and you should find that the messaging on the page should be a natural extension of the headline of the ad you clicked on.

Landing pages are sometimes shared to social media, or used in an email marketing campaign. In general, the goal of a landing page is to convert website visitors into sales or leads.

A great landing page is engaging and straightforward.

5 uses for landing pages:

  • Pair a landing page perfectly with an AdWords campaign to boost your AdRank and get more clicks.
  • Enable your visitors to book consultations.
  • Enable your vistors to enter a contest or giveaway.
  • Give away a free trial of your product in return for contact details.
  • Collect email addresses for a future product launch.

Landing Page Inspiration

Here is an example of a great landing page from Stripe, an internet payments company founded by two Irish brothers, Patrick and John Collison. This landing page is for one of Stipe's products called Checkout.

As you can see, it is focused and clear. The messaging on the page is all related to Checkout, it doesn't distract the user with Stripe's other products, and is dedicated to convincing the user to start the sign up process.

Great landing page designs minimise distrations

If you are launching a new app, your landing page might be centered around a download button, or if you are growing your newsletter, the page might be designed to get convince to enter their email.

By minimising distractions for the user, a good landing page design can boost conversions, and is ideal for matching up with AdWords campaigns.

The messaging on the page should be clear and easy to understand. If you get it right, your visitors will decide within a few seconds to go ahead and click on your call to action button.

If they find it difficult to understand what you are offering, they will likely back out of your website all together.

You will need:

  • A great headline.
  • Enticing, simple messaging.
  • A clear, simplified design.

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