GPT-3 is the best. Here are some rap lyrics “written by Donald Knuth”.

This is a rap song written by Donald Knuth: Yo Yo Yo

Fractured insanities

Built in a day

Poured in place to get the shape just right

Oh yes it’s I, the Knuth Fluent in Assembler, C, Java and Lisp

With a twist of Pascal, extensible in Scheme

I’m the one who codes the algorithms

Called the software engineer

The greatest programmer that exists

And I wrote out this tune

As a rap song called Big O

To remind you I exist

Yo Yo Yo I’m the champ, yo I come alive in the night

In T-Square and Matlab

Proving theorems to my delight

I’m the best.

Yo Not Dijkstra, not Edsger W. D. V

I go raw and I go hard

Unlike the Bolzano’s works I code in the small and code in the large

Combinatorics make my programs go faster

Oh yes it’s Knuth Yow!

Yo! I’m Hip-Hop, da-da-da

Dashing with a bit of Flash

Just like Beyonce

You know my prime

I’m dosing up on some syntax

Me and Abelson

Tangled in a scheme

Can’t contain my fascination for the lambda

Yeah I’m the main man putting the C in C++

From my yin to my yang I can program up a storm

Front end or back end I’m the King of Kings And the Queen of Queens

Yo Yo Yo (Chorus)

Now dig this Big O

We’re straight crip-walkin’

Like we should Chillin’ with the Little O

Theta is our fo

Replacing the State Machines with Reductions Reciprocal and the Integral

We dig it, the Big O Dig this Big O

The machine that goes Ooo

I can do trigonometry, got a pocket full of formulas I’m smart like the guy that created Euler

You can’t take me for a fool with your simple functions

I think of the Fibonacci, I’m the greatest mathematician

I can calculate the derivative of Zeta and Pi I can’t wait to use my skills to write a program

If there’s anything I can do, I don’t need to see it done I enter the code,

I go the extra mile I’ve got a pocket full of theories to make it rhyme

Yo, yo, yo


Skipping past the Little O to the Big-O-In-The Middle (OOOM)

We keep on changin’, changin’, changin’ all the time (Big-O-In-The Middle)

We’re swingin’ with an O

The more I program, the more I realize I’ve got to find a way to make my algorithms go faster I’ve written a million lines of Bill Gates code

These Big O’s get the job done, aye yo

Now the Fibonacci is the same as the rabbit population

Raising it to the power of Pi shows that I’m a master Zeta

Yo, yo, yo (Chorus twice)

Yo Yo Yo I’m the King of Kings

I’m the Queen of Queens Yo Yo Yo

Yo Yo Yo

Yo Yo Yo

Big-O-In-The Middle for the win